Ensoft  Services  Offered

Software Rental Services

Welcome to Prepaid Software Service, a new facility introduced by ENSOFT SYSTEMS for using Construction software on Rental basis!! If you wish to use Ensoft softwares but have not opted to purchase due to high up-front cost of software, here is something for you. In this Prepaid Service, Clients can use Ensoft software Remotely from their own computers from any location with Internet connection. Clients can now use the software as a service just by paying nominal fees. Simply activate the subscription as and when required for your project needs. This facility is also useful for Trying the Software before Buying.

Online Web Training

ENSOFT introduces an Online Web Training for those who wish to learn these software remotely from their own computers from any location with Internet connection. You can use the software just by paying nominal fees. Ensoft Softwares for Analysis, Design, Drawing, Estimation and Detailing are available for remote usage. Once you opt for this, you will be assigned a unique “Username” and “Password” for Login to the Ensoft Server. You just need to Login to run the application and use it. This enables you to use software from any location and computer with valid Login. Various Prepaid plans are available with multiple price options and period of validity.

Classroom Training

When ever you want to learn a new technology or take your skills to the next level, instructor-led classroom training can help you meet your goals. Classes are conducted by ENTECH which provide courses that are related with the construction field. Course modules are designed to suit to different needs. You can choose the module that is best suited for your profession. We understand the importance of your valuable time and money. So we discuss your professional needs, future plans and then suggest you appropriate course module.We first brush up all basics that you have learnt in your college days, and then teach you the computer application which will surely leave a long lasting strong impact.

BOQ and BBS Services

Quantity Estimation involves a lot of cumbersome calculations using various formulas. The use of spreadsheets (like MS-Excel) is a widely accepted practice, but the data has to be entered in rows and columns only. Formulas are hidden inside cells and are not visible. One has to click on cells to see the Formulas. They are in terms of Cell Nos (like A1, B1 ) and not easily understandable. Generating Reports is a tedious work of Linking of cells and sheets. It is now possible to reduce all these hassles by using series of Softwares introduced by ENSOFT for an easy and quick way of estimating quantities.