Truss & Frame Design

Truss Design :

Truss geometry can be defined in four ways, namely, Using standard shape from 15 pre-defined truss shapes, Entering data numerically with in-built editor, Drawing truss geometry graphically within Steel-Master or reading the line sketch drawn in a CAD package.

Program calculates the nodal loads for Dead, Live and Wind Load cases. It carries out analysis using stiffness matrix method. Member end forces and nodal displacements are included in output. Program designs the suitable section for each member using single or double angles / channels ,circular / hollow rectangular tubes. Section wise as well as total weight of the truss is printed.

Frame Design :

Portal Frames and Multi Storied Industrial Structures can be analyzed and designed using this program. Crane loads and wind loads can be included in the analysis. Program generates the Deflection, Bending Moment and Shear Force diagrams graphically. Three dimensional space structures can also be designed.

Program will first design all members of the frame automatically and assign a section size for the selected type of single or double sections of I-beam, Channel, Angle, Box or Tube. User can change the size if desired with Interactive design option. Section wise quantities are also printed in the output.

Usage of database files at back-end and interactive design option are the unique design features of this software. A utility is available to read analysis output files of other analysis software and store the forces for multiple load combinations in a database file, so that the design can be done with STEEL-MASTER.