1. All Steel Designs as per IS 800 -1984 Code.

2. Steel Design of Built-up Beams and Columns

3. Unequal Flanges & Flange Curtailment considered

4. Runs on Windows ’95 /’98 and Windows 2000 /XP

5. Data Files compatible with MS-Access database

6. Design can be done for multiple load combinations.

7. Design Output stored in Internet HTML formats.

8. Design Calculation Reports includes sketches.

9. Drawings stored in CAD compatible CAD files.

10. Multi Window interface for simultaneous viewing.

11. User Selectable Data Units in any combination, such as Dimensions can be in mm, cm or inches.Distances in mt or ft. Loads in Tonnes, KN or Kips.

12. Stresses in N/mm2, Kg/cm2 or lb/in2. Moments in T-mt, KN-mt & Areas in mm2, cm2 or in2.