Column & Beam Design

Column Design :

Column sections subjected with axial load and biaxial moments can be designed with this program. A suitable section can be automatically selected from a library file. User can also choose a particular section through interactive selection. Effective length about X and Y can be different. Actual and permissible stresses for each load combination are printed in output with its sketch. Section drawing can also be stored in CAD compatible CAD file.

Beam Design :

Steel Beams subjected to shear force and biaxial moments can be designed. Gantry girders with unequal flanges are designed for horizontal and vertical crane loads. Top flanges of the beam can be designed for full horizontal thrust. Stresses at four extreme points are calculated for each load combination. Weight of the compound section is also calculated and printed.

All design programs now have a new look. The main screen is divided into three windows namely, Input, Output and Design sketch. Whenever an Input parameter is changed, the design output and sketch window is automatically updated.

Design data for each component is stored in Database file at back-end, so that it can be redesigned later. Design sketch can be stored in CAD compatible CAD drawing files. Design outputs are stored in Multi colour HTML formats, which includes graphical sketch as well, thereby making it equivalent to the manual design calculation sheet.