Built-up Section Editor

STEEL-MASTER software comes with a utility program for creating a built-up section library using 7 types of standard rolled sections, namely, I beams, Channels, Angles, T sections, Box sections, Tubes and Plates. Sketch of the compound section is displayed on screen while it is being built, for visual data checking. Built-up section C.G. and compound properties are calculated and stored in the library file for future use.

Program uses MS-Access compatible database files at back-end for storing the built-up sections for easy retrieval. Separate files are created for storing different types of frequently used sections. Program comes with ready to use library files, like Two I Beams, Two Channels Back-to-Back or Face-to-Face, Four Angels or I Beam with top channel etc.

These Built-up sections can be called in the order of weight or depth during the design of a column or beam. User selectable data units is a new facility by which user can change the units of any item like dimension, load, moment, stress etc. A master unit table can be tailor made, which will store default values of various units.