Types of Transactions


Usually the letters and documents received are stored physically in box files. To locate a particular letter for a client is a tedious work. Smart FollowUp has got an innovative utility to Scan a letter through the Scanner and store it as a Image file. The scanned image file is then stored separately for each customer. Any required letter can be easily searched through the database and viewed on the screen with a click of the mouse.


Similarly the letters and the documents sent to the clients can be scanned and stored in the DATABASE. Engineers can use this facility for storing manual design calculations, Chartered Accountants or Lawyers can use it for storing all their legal documents. Since these documents are stored as scanned image (and not as text files) there is no possibility of any alterations being made in these documents.


Storing visiting cards received and searching then whenever required will no more be a headache. Now visiting cards can be scanned and attached with a client in the database.

Smart FollowUp will display it easily, as a part of the client information.


User has option of storing the details of telephonic conversation with the clients. This feature will be useful when more than one person are dealing with the same client.


Whenever an Email comes it lies in the Email Software you are using. With the increasing usage of the Emails , it is day by day becoming difficult to take the printouts and file the messages in conventional box files. Smart FollowUp has made the job simple. Only thing that you have to do now is to save the Email as a disk file and attach with a particular client. That's All!

Although the above description refers to business organizations, the scope of the package is not restricted to it. It can also be used for personal use for storing the list of relatives, friends, suppliers, photo album or any thing which you want to store as a pictorial form.

Software comes in Two Editions, namely STANDARD and PROFESSIONAL EDITION. All types of transactions described above are available in Standard Edition. In addition to the above, the Professional Edition can handle following types of transactions.


Almost 70 to 80 percent of the correspondence in any business, consists of different types of Standard Paragraphs. The package has an innovative facility to define these different Standard Paragraphs. These paragraphs can be tailor made. A menu driven interactive utility is available to prepare a letter without using any word processor (like Microsoft Word etc.) This letter can then be printed on a preprinted stationery. The letterhead can itself be created as per the user requirements.


Every organization has a list of items to be supplied for their clients. Smart FollowUp will not only generate Challans in user-defined formats but also store the information of items issued for future reference. Keeping track of them will be unbelievably easier.


The package also has an utility to create the Invoices and Receipts, print them as required by the users and store the information as well, for easy retrieval.


Smart FollowUp is a User-friendly package. The menus and dialog boxes of the package are designed and arranged for easier usage. The descriptive manual, which comes with the software, covers all the minute aspects of the software details.


The software uses the latest techniques, with which the data of this package can be accessed easily in other database Software (e.g. Microsoft Access).

Software works on any IBM Pentium PII, PIII compatible computer with minimum 32 MB RAM and Windows '95 / '98 or higher Operating System.