Unique Features


1. Field Book Data : Field Book Data such as Staff Readings & Change Point Data can be entered directly. Reduced Levels are then calculated automatically.

2. Reduced Level Data : If direct Reduced Levels are available using modern equipment, then these values can as well be entered.

3. 3D View : Program generates 3D View of ground profile, which can be viewed from various angles for easy data checking.

4. L Section & Cross Section : Program creates L Sections and Cross Sections for the entire ground profile on any desired grid location. Drawings are in CAD formats, which can be taken to CAD Package if desired.

5. Contour Drawing : Contours Drawing is created for any desired Contour Interval.

6. Cutting/ Filling Quantities : If the proposed Ground Levels are given, program calculates the Cutting and Filling Quantities.


1. Earthwork Embankments : Program calculates Earthwork Quantities involved in roadwork, including Cutting & Filling of Soil, Removing of Soft Rock, Hard Rock and Black Cotton at every Chainage as well as total summary.

2. Formation Level Profile : The final profile of Earthwork Embankment is calculated using the Top Formation Level, Camber and Cutting/Filling Slopes, including Toe point Calculations.

3. Bitumen & Upper Layers : Program also calculates the Quantities of Bitumen, GSB and other layers above the earthwork.

4. Cross Section Drawing : Cross-Section Drawing Showing various Layers and Area Calculations is printed at every Chainage. Longitudinal Section generated can be taken to CAD for large size printing.