Road-Quantity Module

Road-Quantity module is useful for calculating the Embankment Earthwork quantities involved in Road Construction. The Reduced level Data shall be entered along the length of the Road, at any desired intervals such as 10 mt, 5mt etc. Data shall be entered giving the levels of Original Ground Level (OGL), Rock Top Levels (RTL), Black Cotton Soil Top Levels (BCTL) and Final Levels or Progress Levels (FLPL). Program will graphically draw the section at each chainage and work out the Quantities of Rock Cutting, Black Cotton Soil Cutting, Non-Rock Cutting and Soil Filling Quantities.

Although the name of software is Road-Master, its scope is not restricted to roads only. It is applicable to any shape of land profile such as Canals, Trenches, Bridge approaches, Railway Track Earth Fillings etc.

Methodology :

The data for the Road Sections shall be entered along the length of the Road at various chainages. Usually the chainage value is used in multiples of 5 mts. Or 10 mts. The quantities are calculated between each two chainages, by taking the average of the area of cross sections.

Following levels are entered at each chainage, on both Left and Right sides : Original Ground levels (OGL): The top levels of the original ground profile. Progress Levels (PRL): The levels at various stages, as the work progresses. Formation Levels (FNL):The top most level at the centre of the Road. Rock Top Levels (RTL): If the rock is encountered during excavation. Foundation Level (FDN): In case of Black Cotton Soil, the level of good soil.

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Program reads these levels and calculates the quantities of Rock Cutting, Non Rock Cutting, Black Cotton Removal and Soil Filling Quantities between each two sections. These levels are also plotted graphically at each section.

Easy to Use :

Road-Master is a User friendly package. The menus and dialog boxes of this package are designed and arranged for easy learning and use. The descriptive manual which comes with the software, covers all the minute aspects of the software. In addition to this you can avail, the after sales Technical Support from ENSOFT, whenever it is required.

Compatibility :

The 3D view and contour drawings generated by this program can be saved in CAD format. This format is compatible with most of the drafting packages, such as CAD, in which these drawings can be read directly.

Systems Requirements :

Any IBM Pentium PI, PII, PIII or Celeron compatible computer.

Minimum of 32 MB RAM and 10 MB free hard disk space.

Operating System Windows 95 / Windows 98 or above.