Land Surveying Module

Land Surveying module, is useful for doing cumbersome Earthwork calculations, for any general land profile. The Field book and Survey data, such as Staff Readings and Change Points itself can be entered. The Reduced levels are then calculated automatically using this data. Reduced levels can also be entered directly without any staff readings.

Program generates a 3D View of the ground profile, which can be viewed from any angle for easy data checking. Contour Maps can be plotted for any desired height intervals. L sections and Cross sections are also plotted. The cutting and filling quantities involved for the proposed ground profile can be easily calculated.

Methodology :

The plot to be surveyed is first split into number of meshes. If the plot area is a regular rectangle, only one mesh is required. However if plot is having irregular boundaries, it has to be split into number of meshes to ensure that the whole plot area is covered in the mesh system. The spacing of grid lines in each mesh need not be equal. The Input data is simple, such as Bench Mark (B.M), Change Points (C.P) and Staff Readings taken during survey. Program then generates Reduced Levels (R.L.) values at each grid intersections.

Automatic Contour Drawing :

All your tedious work of plotting Contours ends with this software. You can now generate Contours for any required height interval and precision with just click of a mouse. Even if the original levels are taken at a courser intervals say 10 mts., program can interpolate these levels at smaller intervals for more accuracy of the contours. Thus your Contour Drawing is ready for you in no time.

For Automatic Contour Drawing

3D View :

You can now view the complete ground profile in three Dimension from any angle. This 3D View helps in better interpretation of the ground area and for easy data checking.

The mistakes in data entry of levels values can be easily located.

For 3D View

Generates- L-Sections :

Program generates the sections in both X & Y directions as shown. It has an in-built Grid List from which you can select any number of Sections. You can control all the drawing parameters such as section arrangement, ordinates and text size .

Automatic Earthwork Calculations :

User has to specify only the Original and Proposed R.L. values. Program calculates the Earthwork Quantities in the form of Total Excavation and Total filling quantity. If desired, user can then optimize the Proposed land profiles, such that the net Cutting & Filling is equal .

For Automatic Earthwork Calculation

In Addition to above, the Program has Inbuilt Field book, Automatic calculation of Reduced Level (R.L.) values from staff readings, Interpolation of R.L's from four known corner points and many more interesting features.

This module can be used to calculate the volume of water in a Reservoir or the back water volume for a Dam as well.

It can also be used to calculate the earthwork quantity involved in a Bridge approach.