Rate Analysis of Construction Items

RATE-ANLY software is useful for contractors and Architects for Rate Analysis of Construction items like concrete, brickwork, plaster etc. Analysis of a item is defined in terms of materials labour and overheads. For any change in material rates, program calculates the new item rates. From the given quantities of a project, it also works out the materials take off, using the same rate analysis.

All the items for which the rate analysis is to be worked out is first classified into Main Items and Sub Items. For Example: Brick Work is called as a main item and various types of brick works i.e 9" Brick work , 6" Brick work etc. will be called as sub items. There are no limitations on the number of items and sub items or even the materials, which user can enter. The rate analysis of about 100 items are given alongwith the software as a sample data.

The program has a facility for providing multiple Units for a single material. For Example: Cement is purchased in terms of bags unit, but consumed in kg unit. Similarly Aluminum is purchased in kg units, but consumed in running feet unit. This facility is useful for defining the Rate Analysis in a simpler way. Labour Cost can be entered in terms of daily wages of mason, carpenters etc. or alternatively Labour cost can also be entered in terms of item units i.e mt2 , mt3, … etc.

Easy To Use

Rate-Anly is a User friendly package. The menus /dialog boxes of the package are designed and arranged for easier usage.

The descriptive manual which comes with the software covers all the minute aspects of the software in details.

Multiple Sites

The program has a facility to define number of Sites in a single Project. Item rates depends on Material and Labour rates. These rates vary from site to site, depending on their location. But the rate analysis constants and formulae will remain same for a project, irrespective of the site. The program can store the rates of materials and labours separately for different sites of works, so that the separate item rates are calculated for each site.

The greatest advantage of this software is that the Material or Labour rates can be changed at only one place. The rates of all the items involved with this material are calculated automatically thereafter.

The program also works out the quantities of materials required, its cost and also the labour cost for given item quantities for a project.