About Input Drawing

Since BUILD-QUANT reads the drawings prepared with CAD software, few norms are required to be followed while preparing these drawings.

Wall lines in Architectural Plan are drawn with basic LINE command. Separate layers are used for different types of walls and plasters. The Door & Window marking text (D1, D2 etc.) is put close to the wall lines and their sizes are given in a schedule. These actually are not any special norms, but usually followed by most of the Architects.

For Architectural Plan :

Beams in RCC Plan are also drawn as double lines with LINE command. Beam marking Text (B1, B2 etc.) is drawn near to these beam lines. Cross lines are drawn between slab corners to mark the extent of slabs. Slab Spanning and Slab marking Text is drawn near to the intersections of these cross lines. Column numbers are also put with TEXT command.

For RCC Plan :

Reinforcement details for beams, slabs, columns and footings are entered in Schedule Form, with in-built user-friendly editor. To make your job easy, the editor also shows the typical reinforcement sketches alongside.