What's New

Auto Design All Floors

After Building model is created from the plans and Frame Analysis is done, in earlier version of Build-Master, user has to select each floor and give the command to design Beams & Slabs at every level. No more hassle of selecting the floor again & again. Auto Design All Floors, a new option from TOOLS menu will not only design Beams & Slabs at all floors with a single command, but it will also estimate the quantities and prepare design drawings.

Thus after entering single line plans with INPUT PLAN and editing data with EDIT PLAN DATA option from FLOORS menu, A Single new command Auto Design All Floors will Carry out Grid Analysis of All Floors, Create 3D model, Carry out Space Frame Analysis for Earthquake & Wind, Design Beams & Slabs at all Floors, Design Columns & Footings, Estimate Quantities & Create Design Drawings at all Floors. User has complete control on selecting these options as shown above. Redesign of single components with Interactive Design option is available as earlier.

Set User Skill Floors

Many computer games give option for the user to set his Level of skill for playing the game. On similar lines Set User Skill, a new concept is added in Build-Master, to set user skill level. For the Beginners program will display Help Dialog Boxes, before execution of every command, describing what action will be taken by that command. It will also display and explain how to use various options of it. Many Commands and options of the program remains Unused by User, due to lack of knowledge about its application. Set User Skill concept will eliminate such situations.

Set User Skill will also save the time of a senior person in an organization, spent on training a newly joined engineer for software usage for first time.

Help Dialogue Boxes will not be displayed for an Expert user.

Display Output File

Space Frame Analysis output files are huge files and divided in various sections like Nodal Co-ordinates, Member Connections, Support Reactions etc. Locating a desired section in a Text Editor is not simple. A new utility is now added to display the desired section easily from a menu. It will also display the summation of Support Reactions for checking the results.

Improved Graphical Editor

New Editing commands Trim, Extend, Fillet & Change Point are now added in the in-built Graphical editor, Input Plan, apart from the earlier options of Copy, Move, Mirror, Offset, Rotate etc. Draw Arc, Draw Circle, Show Distance, List Entities are also added to make the Single Line Plan drawing simpler.

Program Settings made Easy

Now a Default path for creating New Projects can be set by the user. In earlier Version it was fixed path as BMProjects. Optional Password Facility is provided in the program. So that a Beginner cannot change the Important Settings of Design Parameters and Bar Combinations prepared by an Expert User. Project Code can now be 10 characters long, instead of the earlier limitation of 4. Project folder path can now be 255 characters long, instead of earlier limitation of 50.Program will now run on Windows Vista Operating System as well.

Editing of Design on Plan layout

After Automatic Design of Beams & Slabs are done, In ealier version user has to edit Design Schedules in tabular form. But now in the latest version, Design Schedule output data of sizes and reinforcement steel are plotted on single plan layout. User can edit bar combinations of any Beam or Slab by selecting it from the plan.

User Selectable Fonts in DXF Drawings

Now user can select the Text Fonts of his choice, with new Font Button, while creating the RCC & Architectural plans as well as Design Schedule Drawings in DXF file formats. Drawings can be created in both Metric or British units as desired by the user. RCC plan Drawings & Design Schedule Drawings will now be more colorful, instead of only Black as in earlier version. Scroll Button on mouse can now be used in Build-Master to change the size of a graphical image.

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQ )

List of Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers gets copied on your hard disk when you install the new version.

You can access the Internet connection.

Latest FAQ from website aa.ensoftsystems.com as well.