Rcc Design

  • Design by Limit State & Working Stress Method
  • Design of Beams, Slabs, Columns & Footings
  • Design outputs in Schedule & Detail format
  • User specified list of bar combinations for steel
  • Automatic and Interactive Design option
  • Facility to check User entered design schedules
  • Slabs of One Way, Two Way or Cantilever types can be designed
  • Continuity of slabs detected from plan data itself

Beams are designed as singly reinforced or doubly reinforced section. Availability of flange effect is detected from plan. Bottom bars can be either Bent-Up or Curtailed Type. Depth of both adjacent beams is considered while designing Support Steel at Top.

Columns are designed for slenderness and minimum eccentricity moments. Isolated Footings are designed with all possible worst loading combinations.