Plan Input

  • Single Line Plan Input with graphical editor
  • Plan Compatible with standard CAD Packages
  • Slabs need not be Rectangle (any Polygon)
  • Placement of Columns and Walls graphical
  • Automatic numbering of beams & slabs
  • Multiple Skew grid, Copy, Mirror, Rotate
  • For Input Plan Picture Click Here.

In-built graphical editor of Build-Master is tailored for drawing single line floor plans. Drawing a plan with it is easier than drawing it in CAD Package. User has a flexibility to choose or switch over between packages, at any stage. Slab spanning, Wall data, door/window positions are defined on this plan. The main feature of this software is that it detects Beams and Slabs from line sketch itself. Further more user can give his own tags for beams and slabs (e.g. B1a, S1b etc.), instead of serial number.

Build-Master software has four main parts namely; Analysis, Design, Drawing and Estimation. The Drawing & Estimation options run independent of the Analysis & Design. Architects can make use of software for preparing Working Drawings and Contractors can use it only for the quantity estimation.

Frame Analysis

  • Generates Space Frames from plan data
  • Transfers floor grid loads to frame member
  • Automatic generation of Wind/Earthquake loads
  • Horizontal loads can be applied at floor C.G.
  • Transfers floor grid loads to frame member
  • Building with split level plan or floating columns

Another main feature of the software is that it generates Space Frame from the plans entered at various levels. Frame Analysis is done for Load Cases of Dead Load, Live Load, Earthquake & Wind Loads.Program generates multiple Load Combinations out of them.