1. Single line floor plan input.

2. Auto numbering of beams & Slabs Concept of defining building Building project with floors at different levels.

3. Generation 3D space frame module from plans.

4. Auto calculation of wall and slab loads on beams

5. Generation of Earthquake/Wind forces from plans

6. Loading, BMD, SFD and Deflection Diagrams

7. RCC design of beams & slabs at all levels, columns & footings

8. Generates RCC Plan, Centre Line Plan,Architectural plan

9. 3-D building Elevation without any extra efforts

10. Creates Beam reinforcement details along with sections

11. Bar bending schedule of with diameter wise break-up

12. Quantities of concrete, brickwork, plaster, flooring, form work

13. Checks user entered design schedules for adequacy.

14. Based on Windows 'XP/ 2000 and Windows 7/Vista

15. RCC Designs as per latest IS Codes of Practice

16. Data Files compatible with Microsoft Access / Office

17. Floor Plan Input Drawing compatible with CAD Software

18. Design Output files in multi-colour Internet HTML formats

19. Design Calculation Report includes Graphical Sketches

20. User specified Beam, Slab & Column Nos. (B1a,S1x, etc)

21. Use of tailor-made ActiveX controls for easier data entry

22. Multiple Windows Interface for simultaneous viewing

23. Auto Checking of Interdependency of output Windows

24. Run Log History stored for Easy Debug / Error Checking

25. Individual RCC Design programs now with data saving User Selectable Data Units (or any combination of them)

For Design Engineers, Architects, Builders And Contractors:

BUILD-MASTER has been designed for the following audience:

Design Engineers :

All the design activities are done with this software. Rigorous analysis of buildings for earthquake/wind forces and RCC design of all components is done only with a few keystrokes on computer. The detail working drawings are prepared without entering even a line command in drafting package.

Architects :

Can get the accurate quantities of brickwork, plaster, flooring etc. from single line plan alone. Tedious calculations of carpet and built up areas are done. Quantities of concrete and reinforcement are calculated by entering only the RCC design schedules. Schematic 3D elevation of building is generated from the same plan data at various levels.

Builders & Contractors :

No need to read the dimensions from drawings and put them in tabular from. Quantity outputs are in conventional L-B-D formats. Measurements at site can be cross-checked easily at the office before billing Bar Bending Schedule, generated by BUILD-MASTER can be sent to site for action by fitters. Preliminary tender quantities can be calculated without rigorous RCC design.

RCC Building Design, Drawing & Estimation Package

We have a great pleasure in releasing the redesigned and rewritten version of our renowned software BUILD-MASTER, with a brand new look. It will be the most advanced and powerful RCC Building Design, Drawing and Estimation Software available today.

The first Version of BUILD-MASTER software was introduced way back in 1990. The software was revised with continuous efforts and the quest for excellence over the years, as per evolution of computer hardware and software technology. There were five major revisions in the software namely; Version 4.5 in 1995, Version 5.5 in 1997 and Version 2000, 2005 & Version 2009.

It is an innovative suite of software products, for Building Design, Drawing & Estimation. Entering the single line floor plan is all that you do. The rest is done by BUILD-MASTER.