Bar Bending Schedule & Quantity Estimation Software

Preparation of Reinforcement Bar Bending Schedules for RCC work at construction sites is the most tedious and time-consuming task. The shape of each and every bar is to be derived exactly for cutting from working drawings. With increasing cost of steel, it has become necessary to minimize the wastage.

BarBeQue software takes care of all these aspects, for preparation of Bar Bending Schedules and Quantity Estimation Software. BarBeQue software is not Excel or any spreadsheet based, neither it runs under any CAD package. It is complete standalone software, which generates to-the-scale graphical sketch of each bar. Program eliminates time-consuming work of calculating the cut length of bars. BBS sheets generated can be printed through this package directly. Outputs of this software can also be read in any CAD package.

Bar-Be-Que has a standalone option for Manual data entry of each bar. The dimensions of each bar are entered in a tabular form. Program generates the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) Drawing with to-the-scale graphical sketch of each bar. Bar Shape Code can be as per latest IS 2502 or BS 8666 code. Program eliminates time-consuming work of calculating the length of bars, as per code requirements. Deductions in the bar lengths for bending, is done with different ways, as per IS or BS codes or as per site practices. Diameters wise break up of Reinforcement Quantities is printed as the summary.

Almost all possible of bar shapes are available in the library, with their formulae for calculating the bar lengths. Dimensions of the bars are entered in user-friendly dialog boxes.

Bar-Be-Que is compatible with Formulator, a Revolutionary General purpose Object based Quantity Estimator software by Ensoft. Formulator software comes with a library of various RCC objects like Rectangular Beam, Tapered Beam, Curved Beam, L-shaped column, U-shaped column etc. Formulae for working out the dimensions of all the bars like, main bars, face bars, stirrups and links etc. are pre-defined for these objects. User can add new objects in the library. Bar dimensions required for Bar-Be-Que are generated by Formulator with simple data entry of Object dimensions.Main feature of Bar-Be-Que is that it is not Excel or any spread sheet based. It is complete stand alone software which generates the to-the-scale sketches of each and every bar. Deduction in Bar Length can be done with different ways, as per IS or BS code or standard site practices.

BarBeQue software comes with a module for generating Optimized Bar Cutting Arrangements for purchased lengths of bars, to minimize the wastage of Steel. Once the cut the lengths of each bar are calculated, program sorts these lengths in the decreasing order for each Diameter. It applies optimization routines to place these cut lengths in the purchased Bar Lengths (say 12 Mt), such that the wastage is minimum.

BarBeQue Software is simple to operate and there is no need of thorough knowledge of any CAD package.