Steel-Master FAQs

Steel-Master software is for the design of steel structures, like industrial sheds, trusses, columns, gantry girders, portal frames, Multistoried platforms and towers etc. Rolled sections like angles, channels, hollow box or tubular sections can be used in design. It comes with a Built-Up section Editor, with which user can create his own Library of frequently used sections.

Steel-Master has 15 pre-defined shapes of roof trusses. Only span, height, spacing shall be entered. Program calculates the geometry and dead load, live load and wind load automatically for pre-defined trusses. User can also draw a shape of truss if it is not available in pre-defined shapes.

Yes. Programs comes with 6 shapes of portal frames for the Industrial Sheds. User has to enter only the frame span, height, spacing and loading.

Yes. Industrial Structure having platforms at various levels with equipment loads can be designed. programs will generate the 3D frame from platform layouts at various levels.

Yes. Any non-standard shapes of 3D trusses and frames can be drawn in a CAD package. Steel Master will read these 3D line sketch and generate the geometry of the structure. Sizes of each member and sectionwise quantities are given in design output.

Yes. Programs comes with a built-up section editor, with which user can creates his own library of frequently used sections.

Yes. Steel Master comes with additional ConBelt utility for creating data files for various types of Steel Supporting Structures for Conveyor Belt, Hoardings etc. Data for Gallery Truss, Straight & Tapered Trestles and Junction Houses can be created.

Data files created in Steel-Master can be written in STD and other file format with a third party utility. Thus Steel-Master data can be taken to other software.