Road Master FAQs

Road-Master software has two modules, one for General Land Survey, Contour, L-Section Plotting and other one for Earthwork Quantities of Roads, Canals, Trenches etc. Land-Survey module generates 3-D view of ground from level data and contour maps for any desired contour intervals. Program works out excavation and filling quantities, for the proposed land profiles. Road-Quant module generates cross-sections at each chainage along the length of the road.

Land Survey module is useful for doing earthwork calculations for any general Land profile. The fieldbook data can entered manually. Program will workout the reduced levels and generate 3D-view of ground profile. It will workout the cutting/filling quantities with the purposed level data entry.

Yes. Total Station Equipment writes the level data in .XLS or .TXT file format. The data from these files can be copied to Road-Master Land Survey Module. Program will generate contour drawing and L-Sections of ground profile

Road Quant module is useful for calculating Embankment Earthwork quantities involved in Road Construction. Original ground levels and formation levels are entered at each chainage on both left and right sides. Using the formation slope values, Program will workout Toe points levels and calculate cutting/filling quantities involve.

Yes. Hard Rock/Soft Rock Top levels shall be entered at chainages where they are present. Using these levels program will workout Hard Rock/Soft Rock Top quantities.

Yes. Non-Earthwork layers levels for GSB, CRB, Bitumen etc. can also be entered. Program will workout the quantities of these layers.

Yes. Using the level data program will directly generate L-Section and Cross Section Drawing, Sketches without any CAD packages.

3D View, Contour Drawing, L-Section and Cross Sections generated by Road-Master can be saved in DXF format. This format is compatible with CAD packages in which these drawings can be read, edited, printed or plotted.