Formulator FAQs

Formulator is an advance General purpose software of Quantity Estimation with very few inputs for standard library objects like various types of Beams, Slabs, Columns, Foooting, Staircases, Bridge Piers, Culverts,etc.

Yes. The main feature of Formulator is that user can change the Formulas of library objects. This is required because every Consultant/Client has got different norms and practices of design detailing. Therefore, user is required to change the quantity calculation formula for each different situation. Formulator gives the flexibility to the user to make the changes easily and customize as per clients needs.

The first thing user has to do after installing the software is to define the list of items and objects required by him to do his type of work. User can add new items, new objects and define/ change quantity calculation formula anytime afterwards.

Yes. Formulator can read Built-Quant outputs of quantities work out from CAD Drawings. It will then add the quantities of items calculated with NON-CAD manual data entry and prepare the combine abstract of quantities. Using the item rates given by the user, it will workout the total cost of project.

Formulas in spreadsheet are defined in cells(A1,A2,etc.). They are not easily visible. User has to click on the cells to see the formula. Formula are in terms of cell numbers(A1*B1, etc.) and are not easily understandable. Whereas in Formulator, formulas are designed in terms of objects dimensions like length, width, etc. Values of these dimension variables are taken from the user with interactive dialogue box. These values are substituted in formulas and quantities calculation sheets are generated.

Yes. The quantity calculation outputs and abstract of cost reports are stored in .XLS and .TXT formats. These reports can be easily read in spreadsheets or document editors.