Build-Quant FAQs

Build-Quant is a software developed by ENSOFT for working out quantity Estimation of RCC Buildings from CAD Drawings. It will read architectural plan drawing to given quantities of Brickwork, Plaster, Flooring, Skirting, etc. It will read RCC Drawing to workout Concrete, Formwork and Reinforcement Steel quantities with diameterwise breakup.

The original Architectural Plan prepaid in a CAD package shall be saved in DXF file format. Wall lines in Architectural Plan shall be drawn with base LINE command. Length of line in plan will be the length of the walls. Separate layers are to be used for different types of walls. It will calculate the quantities of each type of walls seperately and print it in tabular form.

Yes. Program wil read Door & Window marking text (D1, D2 etc.) from the plan drawing. Their sizes are read from Door/Window Schedule. It then deducts the Door/Window areas from Wall/Plaster quantities.

The original RCC Plan prepaid in a CAD package shall be saved in DXF file format. Beam line in RCC Plan shall be drawn in base LINE command. Length of the line in the plan wil be length of Beams. Beam marking Text (B1, B2 etc.) is drawn near to these beam lines. Program will calculate the concrete volume, formwork area, reinforcement steel quantities.

Yes. Cross lines shall have been drawn in plan between slab corners to mark the extent of slabs. Slab Spanning and Slab Marking Text shall be drawn near to the intersection of these cross lines. Program will calculate slab clear areas, concrete volume and slab reinforcement steel quantities.

Yes. Dimensions of beams & slabs will be read from plan. Reinforcement details such as no. of bars, diameters, bar spacing, etc. will be read from RCC design schedule drawings. It will then workout the length of the bars and quantities with diameterwise breakup.

Yes. It will first workout the total quantities of items at all the levels. Using the items rates given by the user, it will workout the total cost with floorwise breakup.

It will workout the quantities of Brickwork, Plaster, Flooring, Skirting, Door, Window, Concrete, Formwork and Steel. The items for which the dimensions can be read from plan drawings.

Built-Quant comes with formulator (NON-CAD) module for working out quantities with manual data entry without reading any CAD drawings. It can work out the quantities of any type of Objects, Staircases, Bridge Piers/Deck etc. Refer FAQ on FORMULATOR