Build-Master FAQs

Build-Master is the flagship software of ENSOFT. It is a complete package for Building Design Drawing and Estimation. Data for the building is entered floor wise, in the form of graphical sketch. Program will carry out earthquake and wind analysis by generating 3D Space Frame Model. It designs RCC beams & slabs at all levels and also the columns and footings. Limit State and Working Stress both methods can be used. Designs are based on latest IS codes. It generates working drawings of plans, schedules and beam details in CAD format, which can be read by most of CAD packages. It uses an innovative concept of estimating quantities of items like concrete, reinforcement, brick work, plaster, etc. automatically from floor plans without entering data in LxBxD format.

Upto 50 storied buildings can be designed through Build-Master.

Yes. Some columns can start at higher level and some can stop after few levels.

Program can design both isolated and combined footings. FootRCC.exe program is for isolated footing designs with or without Bi-axial moments and FootCOMB.exe program is for combined footing design with two columns. Both programs can be run from the program menu from START button.

Raft foundation with beams can be designed as grid. In this case even if the water pressure acts upward, the loading on the slabs is to be applied downwards only with the value equal to water pressure less slab self weight. The reinforcement in Beams and Slabs shall be provided upside-down, i.e. bottom steel at top and vice versa.

For the floors with rib beams, the plan shall be drawn as ordinary plan only. In this case the beams will be closer. Since the program analyses all floors with grid action, there is no differentiation.

Start new project using Build-Master. It will create a sub-folder in BMProjects folder. You can prepare the single line plan drawings in CAD. While saving the drawing, select the drawing type as .DXF instead of .DWG and file name as Project Code-Floor Code.DXF. For eg. if the project code is ABCD and floor code is PL (for plinth level) then the drawing prepared in CAD should be saved by the name ABCD-PL.DXF. Save this drawing in the above folder under BMProjects where project is started. By default CAD gives large USER LIMITS, therefore give LIMITS command in CAD and give realistic limits as -10,-10 to 50,50 mt. Draw the plan in mt. units. When you select the floor in Build-Master, the plan will be automatically visible.

User can choose any combination of units he desire. For eg. Ft. inch for dimentions, KN for Load, KG for material weight, N/mm2, for steels and T/mt3 for density.

Program stores the bar combinations in separate files for Beam Bottom Bars, Beam Top Bars, Column Bars from 1 cm2 to 200 cm2 bar area. User can tailormade these files to suit his own requirement.

Program has an option of selecting bent up bars or curtailed bars during a beam & slab design.

Staircase slabs shall be treated as one way slab with additional loads for steps & slope. The slab shall be marked as sunk slab so that the sides becomes discontinuous.

Program calculates the earthquake & wind loads as per latest IS codes. It will distribute the loads along the height of each floor. It will consider the slab rigidity and apply the forces at floor CG. To consider the torsion of floor plan.