Bar-Be-Que FAQs

Bar-Be-Que software is not EXCEL or any spreadsheet based neither it runs under any CAD package. It is a complete standalone software which generates the to-the-scale sketches of each and every bar. Deduction in the length for bending can be done with different ways, as per IS or BS code or standard site compactible with CAD packages.

Program has 3 options for preparing Bar Bending Schedules:

1. Data for each Bar can be entered manually. BBS is generated with graphical sketch

2. Rebar Detail Drawing showing Bars can be read and BBS generated in tabular form.

3. Formulator module can be used to generated bar dimensions with simple data entry of objects dimensions. 

About 40 Bar shapes required for day-to-day use are covered in this program. First character of shape code gives the no. of bends in the bars.

For example:

  • Shape code 00 means straight bar with no bends
  • Shape code 11,12,14 means one bend
  • Shape code 21,22,29 means two bends etc.
  • Shape code 99 shall be used for any odd shape of the bars. 

While calculating the length of the bars the deductions are done as per the codal provisions. In case of BS code r factor is considered in the deduction and in case of IS code k factor is considered.

No. Bar Bending Schedule sheets can be printed directly from Bar-Be-Que without any CAD package. However, if user desires BBS sheet outputs can be stored in DXF compactible files and printed throught a CAD package.

Yes. Bar-Be-Que comes with a module for generating optimized cutting arrangements for purchased lengths of bars, to minimize the wastage of steel. It will first calculated the requirement of steel with diameterwise breakup. For each diameter of bar it will sort the required cut lengths. It will use optimization methods to arrange these cut lengths in purchased length of bars, such that the wastage of steel is minimum.